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Lotus Recruiting Lifecyle Design_Doc.docx

Lotus Technical Design Document

This design document outlines the Recruiting Lifecycle Module found in the eLearning section and was used to establish a common goal for the course between the company SME and me. Learning objectives were discussed in depth so the course could effective teach them. Th storyboard was thoroughly reviewed and approved before moving on to the storyboard.

LT Recruiting Lifecyle Storyboard_and_Script.docx

Lotus Technical Storyboard

This storyboard was submitted to summarize the Lotus Recruiting Lifecycle module. We clarified branding, interactions, content, and knowledge check alignment to the learning objectives, and wording before I began to develop the course.

Design_Doc_Interviewing Strategies.docx

Interviewing Strategies Design Document

Here you will find an overview of the Interviewing Strategies Course. I was part of the design team so yo u will not find the developed course here. I started with the course objectives to be clear about where we were going and designed the course from there.

Storyboard Interviewing Strategies.docx

Interviewing Strategies Storyboard

The previous design document was transformed into this storyboard to give the developers and solid idea of what the course should look like. Graphics and interactions were specified along with strategic content layout to maximize learning.

Setting Objectives Storyboard.pptx

Setting Objectives Storyboard

Given a course outline from a SME, I broke the information down into manageable chunks and separated the information into slides. Diligence was used to ensure that every learning objective was met and assessed. The client's LMS had limited interactions and the storyboard reflects these limitations.

Email Marketing Storyboard

Email Marketing Storyboard

Given a course outline from a SME, the text-heavy course was minimized to key information and knowledge checks aligned to the lesson learning objectives. This client's LMS had limited interaction capabilities and the storyboard reflections these limitations.

Property Mgmt Design Doc.docx

Property Management Design Document

Part of a challenge project, this design doc was used to create the Property Management Rise module.