ILT/vILT Sample

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Email Marketing Course

This vILT course was developed to meet company goals to prioritize email marketing. The interactivity uses Mentimeter. Facilitator and producer guides are found in the notes of the presentation. Real-world examples are showcased (removed for proprietary reasons) for increased relevance and retention.

Setting Objectives ILT

Setting Objectives Course

This ILT course was created with the learner in mind. Icebreakers, visuals, relevant real-life examples, discussions and activities are all bundled in this course.

Tool used: Google Slides

Setting Objectives Facilitator_Guide.docx

Setting Objectives Faciliator Guide

This guide includes a course overview, materials needed, thumbnails of the companion slides, along with points for the facilitator to highlight during training.

Tool used: Microsoft Word

Setting Objectives Participant_Guide.docx

Setting Objectives Participant Guide

This guide includes supplemental material for the Setting Objectives ILT course. It includes an icebreaker, activities, space for notes, and wrap-up questions

Tool used: Microsoft Word